Energy Evaluations

Design & Submission by Icon Architects

To ensure energy efficiency, a SANS XA energy evaluation is conducted on every home we design.

iCON Architects believe in sustainable development, and incorporate these principals in all that we design. iCON Architects makes use of energy evaluation software that ensures your home is designed to be energy efficient.

We do calculations on the following to ensure there is sufficient insulation to meet with the SANS XA energy requirements; Walls, Roof, Surface Bed, roof slabs, balconies and external windows and doors. Calculations are also done on the lighting and hot & cold water to ensure low energy consumption as well as reduced water consumption to meet the requirements of SANS XA.

We also offer the following.

Design & Submission

HOA and council submissions and drawings for new plans as well as alterations and renovations.

3D Renderings

Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) and video offer our clients a highly detailed look at their future homes.

Project Management

We manage the building processes according to Principal Agent Duties as set out in JBCC Building Agreement